Aram Altruistic Pvt. Ltd., we are a compassionate and innovative company dedicated to bridging the gap between Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and their families in India.

With a deep understanding of the emotional and logistical challenges faced by NRIs, we provide comprehensive services, including property management and parental care.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional care with empathy, trustworthiness and cultural sensitivity, ensuring peace of mind for NRIs, knowing that their loved ones and assets are well taken care of in India.

  • Mission

    Empowering NRIs, connecting families: Bringing peace through comprehensive services.

  • Vision

    Connecting NRIs and their families, envisioning a harmonious global community.

  • Values

    Compassion, trust, cultural sensitivity and reliability.

Passionate Professionals, Personalized Service

Discover the exceptional individuals behind Aram Altruistic Pvt. Ltd., who are passionate about delivering personalized service and making a positive difference.

Dr. N Sudha

MCA, MPhil, Ph.D.

A doctorate with more than 20 years of experience in Technology, Administration and People management areas. A Proven leader with unparalleled interest to learn and use modern technology, she provides strong technological expertise for Aram.

Mrs. Gomathi Raja


A graduate with 15 years of experience in Information Technology, Education, Volunteering and community services. She lives in US for almost a decade. Being an NRI herself, she has the experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the families. A resilient person with great enthusiasm and zest to support NRI parents, she brings in her vast experience to provide strong foundation for Aram.

Mr. Sanjai Ashwin M

B.E, M.B.A

A post graduate with more than a decade of experience in Property Management, Healthcare and Service based Industry. A Compassionate professional with Positive attitude and strong ability to network, he brings hands-on experience from the ground level to support Aram Operations.